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Bionicle: Biotechnic Chronicle

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Finally Apr. 18th, 2002 @ 06:53 pm
I went to Lego Land in Downtown Disney, and I now own all six Bohrok Va, so the only sets I don't have are the Manas, Nui-Rama, Tarakava, and Muaka and Kane-Ra, oh and I don't have any of the masks or brains, apart from the ones that came with the sets.

Finally Mar. 14th, 2002 @ 10:22 pm
Well I even looked in dedicated toy stores an none had any Bohrok Va so then I just happen to be in Walgreens of all places and the have 1 and then a couple Turaga. So I bought it I got Lehvak Va....the green one....now where are the other 5?
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Mooooo... Mar. 8th, 2002 @ 09:30 pm
Is anyone going to the Bionicle promotion things on Saturday at Toys R Us?

I just found a flier advertising the "Bohrak" [sic] promotion (plus a Everything Barbie sale, so I'm guessing that the store will be packed). While I'm not in any dire need of Bionicle things (I have some Bohrok awaiting emancipation under my computer table), I was a bit curious.

I also need to photograph and hash out some info for my Mukea Dumu.

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Newbie Feb. 5th, 2002 @ 04:17 pm
Hey all, I'm new here, and I just thought I'd share my Bionicle collection.

6 Toa
6 Turaga
6 Tohunga
3 Bohrok

That's it. Hopefully I'll have the other three Bohrok before weeks end, but I cannot find the Bohrok Va. Maybe I'll have to order online.

Bionicle named "Toy of the Year" Jan. 29th, 2002 @ 10:31 am
"BIONICLE has recently been awarded the prestigious honour of "Toy of the Year 2001/2002" at the British Association of Toy Retailers annual dinner.

The award is voted for by the BATR Council and represents the contribution that the winner has made to the toy industry throughout the year."
Other entries
» Beware the Swarm
The Bohrok are in stores now!

Wake one and you wake them all...
» EBay Madness
I don't know how, but some of the Bionicle 2002 sets are now being sold on ebay. The auctions, by two seperate people, are in sets. One guy says he will not have his till 12/20, but the other guy had them, and included scans of the packaging, first time I saw those (these are the turagha guys).

Hmmmm maybe some are getting released early or by accident (Hope so, it would suck for these to have been stolen :/)

Well I am going to Target tomorrow to look for Cryotek, couldn't hurt to look in the lego section to see if these guys are hanging out there.
» Bionicle 2002 Press Kit
Well Lego has a new press kit for the nifty new items for 2002.

However, the jerks at Kahoni Power got their hands on one before it should have been sent out.

After thier little stunt a couple weeks ago, I personally think they should have been shut down :/
» Every quest must come to an end
The final chapter of Mata Nui is online.
» Bionicle website contest winners have been posted!

Hope I have time to actually look at them sometime soon...
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