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Bionicle: Biotechnic Chronicle

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Mata Nui is updated! Nov. 18th, 2001 @ 08:29 pm
It may be a bit buggy, as usual for the first few days. I didn't have any problems playing from my not-so-great computer at home, though.

It does end on a cliffhanger of sorts, so don't be too annoyed when the story seems to stop advancing. It's a feature, not a bug! Really!

(Cross posted) Nov. 8th, 2001 @ 01:09 pm
Hmmm... does this look familiar to anyone?


"LEGO blocks for the advanced builders. This is the Kabaya Candy Co. Original version of the new series of the same name currently being sold by LEGO. Of course, they can be combined freely. Four types in all."

Apparently, these are being sold for 500 yen in Japan with six star-shaped yogurt flavoured candies each.
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Rumor-quashing Oct. 30th, 2001 @ 10:39 am
I am happy to report that rumors of Bionicle's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

The line's staying. Next year's products won't use Maori or other traditional-culture names. LEGO has volunteered to work with the Maori and other cultures to establish a Code of Conduct to help guide future uses of traditional knowledge and concepts.

Dat's all, folks.

Mata Nui is updated! Oct. 10th, 2001 @ 02:44 pm
It may not be as easy as usual to figure out where, though. Hints, nudges or vaguely deranged mutterings available on request.

Wake one and you wake them all.

Bionicle updates Oct. 3rd, 2001 @ 11:23 am
Desktop Toa! http://www.lego.com/eng/bionicle/toa.asp?WhichToa=Desktoa

Two new creatures in Sands of Mata Nui! http://toaberry.berrymarket.cjb.net/

And, for Marz, confirmation that the flute should work once you have the Chronicle that you receive after completing the Stone and Water chapters of the online Mata Nui game.
Other entries
» My Bionicle Page is finally up!
Well I finally got my site up. Would have had it sooner, but recently have not been in the mood or shape with recent events. However now I got some of them up!

Come to the Maw of Makuta and learn about his physical agents, the demonic Atua Ngau.

» Le-Koro flute problems
I'm still trying to find out what the word is on this maybe-bug, but I just read on a message forum that the flute does not work if you do not have the chronicling device (which you can only get after completing the Po-Koro and Ga-Koro sections of the game). Is there any chance that that's the problem, Marz? I don't remember whether you've finished those sections yet.
» Website updated!
With the most profuse of thanks to the lovely and talented Twotone...

The Sands of Mata Nui is updated with new creatures!


Hope ya like!
» New Creatures
Pepekewaro are a most unusual breed of Mata Nui wildlife. Almost uniquely amongst the fauna of Ta-Wahi, these large creatures thrive in the volcanic regions lava streams, swimming through the red-hot flow as if it were water. On land, a Pepekewaros body emits great hissing geysers of steam as it slowly cools. Accustomed to the hottest temperatures on the island, Pepekewaro can survive in the open air for some hours, but they must inevitably return to the lava to replenish themselves. They are rarely found more than half a kio from the volcanic flows.

Although their powerful legs are used primarily for swimming, Pepekewaro are capable of leaping great distances. Not very graceful but quick to flee, they excel at evading capture. A Pepekewaros eyes, positioned high on its head, give it a wide field of vision and make it next to impossible to take one by surprise.

Not the brightest or most discerning of feeders, the omnivorous Pepekewaro will eat almost anything that they can stuff into their large mouths. Over time, they have learned to avoid Tohunga, finding them far more prickly a meal than they at first appear to be. Pepekewaro are especially fond of insects and will lurk beneath the lava, only their bulging eyes visible above the surface, as they wait for a heedless Nui-Rama or other flying animal to pass overhead. When the unknowing creature ventures close enough, the Pepekewaro leaps straight up into the air with a great fiery splash, snapping its long, sticky tongue at its prey. If its aim is true, the insect will be ensnared and quickly pulled under the lava by the weight of the plummeting hunter. Occasionally, however, a Pepekewaro misjudges the size of its prey and finds itself hoisted aloft by an angry Nui-Kopen or another giant of the skies. Unfortunately for both, a Pepekewaros sticky tongue requires the heat of the lava flows to dissolve its powerful bonding agent, and the helpless hunter is quickly carried away.

* * *

The gentle Kouroua is an uncommon but welcome sight in the forests of Le-Wahi. This amiable, slow-moving creature is content to hang beneath the high branches all day, stirring only to seek a meal of fresh, ripe fruit. The Kourouas long arms end in powerful hooks, strong enough to support its weight even through long nights of slumber. Its curiously upturned toes are perfect for clinging to branches, and the Kouroua can dangle upside-down by them for hours at an end. When threatened or provoked, a Kouroua will scramble away with surprising agility, using all four limbs to swing nimbly from tree to tree. If it is unable to make an escape, the Kouroua will as a last resort defend itself with its long reach and sharp claws.

On rare occasions, a lone Kouroua will make its way to the distant ground in search of food or new trees. On land, its movements are less graceful, as its feet are ill equipped for the marshy forest floor, obliging the creature to adopt an awkward, knuckle-walking gait. It was this shuffling lope and hunched-over posture that earned the Kouroua its affectionate Le-Koran nickname of "The Old Green Man of the Woods."
» Kanapu the Lightning Toa
Well since I have not been able to get my web site up, thought it would eb fair to show off another one of my creations.

This is Kanapu, a new Toa who should not exists, yet does, defying the prophacies.

But will she help the Toa, or destroy them?

Her weapon is a bow and arrow. I also used a ball joint for her neck, since an archer needs to move their head alot at times to position themselves





Hope everybody enjoys her!
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